Our company, Olde Copper offers a complete turnkey solution for companies and individuals wishing to either start sourcing, buying and purchasing copper sinks in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, or to improve its actual purchasing and buying process of copper sinks in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. We do this, through our integral and complete turnkey sourcing and procurement solution.

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Our solution is integrated by the following services, included in our single fee solution:

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  • Product development
  • Vendor development
  • Order coordination
  • Quality inspection All these services are covered with one only fee. Our fee is calculated as a percentage of the value of the product. If you need a quote, please go to get a quote.The following services are also offered, but billed separately by our sister company Space Logistics:
  • Transportation service
    Our transportation service comprises the transportation of the orders from the factory to our customer door, including pick up, palletization, land transportation (LTL or FTL), customs brokers processing and delivery to your door. For more information please visit www.spacelogistics.net
  • Distribution Service
    We also provide value added services to our customers, such as pool distribution and drop shipping. If you sell copper sinks, do not have a warehouse or would like to improve your efficiency and reduce your global logistics costs, we can ship directly from the factory, from our warehouse in Guadalajara, Mexico or from our warehouse in Laredo, TX to your customers. Either as a one single order (fulfillment) or as a multitude of orders in one group (pool distribution). For more information on our value added distribution services, enter Space Logistics:

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