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Order coordination

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This is the key aspect of our service. Order coordination, together with quality assurance and door to door transportation are the most important parts of the overall trading process. These key factors are determinant to end with a profitable and successful project, or with an expensive and terrible experience.

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Facts that make the order coordination a difficult task:

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  • a) Artisans and factories although are very good manufacturers, impressive designers, hard workers and great people, they do not have english speaking personnel, do not have communications infrastructure, do not understand US business practices, and do not go out of their town to sell their products. Their products are so good that they wait for the buyers to go to Santa Clara del Cobre to purchase. These facts make the negotiation process a difficult one for a company without presence in Santa Clara del Cobre.
  • b) Artisans, manufacturers and factories do not understand time constraints of a project, do not understand consequences or risks involved in not delivering an order on time, do not understand that one day late is critical.
  • c) Artisans, manufacturers and factories do not understand the major impact that a defective or not perfect copper sink may have with the end customer. Do not understand that a minor defect on a given copper sink may jeopardize an entire business relationship.
  • d) We have to teach them and spread the US business culture of consistent quality, time deadlines and optimized costs to our great artisans, manufacturers and factories. And they do understand and cooperate in the process of evolving to this culture. This is a task that takes a day by day consistent work on a long term results experience.
  • e) By being in close contact with the artisans and manufacturers, we are able to provide deposits in order to finance the production of the orders, and review production advances, realize quality inspection during production, and provide final payment as per their terms, before taking the product from their factory, but after we inspect that the order is complete, accurate and in good quality standards.
  • f) We are able to resolve any conflict in advance because we have a timeline to follow day by day. Our professional personnel visits the artisans and vendors on a continuous basis during production runs.
  • g) In summary, we have the control in our hands. We know how to run the orders with the vendors and we work hard to meet your quality, timelines and any other needs and requests you may have in your orders.

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