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Quality assurance is the part of our service that demands most of our time and efforts. Each customer has specific rules regarding a quality product. Our quality inspection process starts during production, as we anticipate to the possible quality problems that may appear once product is finished. In order to save time and money, we start our quality inspection with the start of production. An important part of the quality assurance process is the order coordination. If the order is placed with clear, consistent, specific and extended information, the possible problems of an order will be minimized. Therefore, we work hard with our customers to have very clear information before we begin an order.

We check and inspect each and all of the products of a production run. We place a tag of inspected before packing and we follow each customers quality guideline strictly.

We are proud of our quality assurance process as it secures that the copper sinks. that leave Santa Clara del Cobre will reach the final customer at a level of quality, superior to all other sinks coming from India or China. Even to those coming from Santa Clara del Cobre that are not bought through us, as we are the only company in Santa Clara del Cobre offering this service. And as a fact we do receive frequent compliments on the quality of our copper sinks.

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