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We consider our company as a vital link for US companies, when they want to buy and purchase copper sinks direct from the factories in Mexico. Whether you consider the shortening on the time consuming learning curve as an advantage, the savings in costs or the easiness of purchasing in Mexico through us, we bring to the table an important assortment of benefits. Among our benefits, you may find the following:

  • A) Important Savings:
    With our sourcing service, you will be able to buy factory direct prices from Santa Clara del Cobre in Mexico, regardless of the size of your orders. Whether you are a small or a large buyer, you will benefit from the savings we are able to generate. At a fraction of the cost of your product, you will be able to buy in Mexico as if you would be buying domestically. The reason why your purchases through us bring important savings is due to the economies of scale that we are able to generate. The volume of all our customers together give us negotiation power with the vendors and by bringing volume to the vendors we reduce costs. Also moving the goods from many customers and from many vendors give us important logistics advantages that we transfer to the benefit of our customers.
  • B) Easiness:
    The buying process is very simple. You relax and we do the work. You give us your order, we process it, place it with the vendors, organize and coordinate it, we do the quality inspection process, we pick up the product, pack it or palletize it and ship it to the border, where we process customs paperwork, resolve any conflicts or problems that normally arise from time to time, cross it and then deliver to your door. We can even do drop shipping, pool distribution from our warehouse in Laredo, TX or other value added logistics services in the US. You do not have to do anything, it is all with us. You just place the order, pay it and receive it at your door. So, go ahead and sell, we take care of the rest… .
  • C) Control:
    By buying direct you will have more control on your designs, developments and product. There will be no middle man. We will be your agents with the factory and whatever you request we will work to achieve… that is our objective
  • D) Optimization:
    We are experienced in sourcing copper in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. Therefore we know where to go with each necessity you have. Weather it is the best possible cost, the maximum quality or a special workmanship, we will know where to place your production maximizing your needs.
  • E) Quality:
    You will be able to get the best quality copper sinks. We know all the sources and factories, we have experience working with them and we know which factories have certain weaknesses and strengths, therefore we will be able to achieve the maximum level of quality combining your product mix with the best vendor selection.
  • F) Good communication:
    With offices in the US and Mexico, you will have an excellent communication channel with us, with your vendor through us and with your entire supply chain. We have 800 numbers both in the US and Mexico, an online chat system, we answer all emails in a quick an expedite form and our professional team has the ability to answer all your questions and needs immediately.
  • G) Security:
    You work with an established, professional and secure company. We are members of Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and our core philosophy is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So you are safe working with us.
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