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Copper sinks are the most hygienic, environment friendly and durable of all sinks for bath, bar and kitchen. Copper sinks from Santa Clara del Cobre are made of 99.2% pure copper. It is all recycled material. The main advantage of the use of copper sinks in your home is that copper kills bacteria, therefore the sinks are resistant to bacteria formation, making them a healthy, durable and beautiful part of your kitchen.

The copper sinks that Olde Copper sources in Santa Clara del Cobre have the following important quality aspects:

  • a) Gauge. Our copper sinks are manufactured with the proper gauge. Kitchen copper sinks require a minimum gauge of 14 so they resist the daily use. Specially on the corners and in the middle of the apron for stability. Copper is a soft material and therefore a daily use of a kitchen sink (where you wash three or more times a day your kitchen utensils, using harsher soaps and heavier items) require a wider gauge than a bathroom sink (that is normally used only for washing your hands), which require a 16 gauge only. Kitchen copper sinks are heavier and larger also compared to a bathroom copper sink.
  • b) Purity. Our copper sinks contain no lead and have a purity of 99.2% of copper. The rest is zinc added to the copper to make it stronger and stable, as otherwise the softness of the pure copper would make it impossible to stand for a copper sink.
    c) Adequate construction. We have learned through the years what aspects of a copper sink construction are important. Our sinks have the inner corners and seams rolled (not straight) in order to avoid food accumulation and make the process to clean the copper sink easier.
  • d) Finish. Our finishes are handmade and temperature and fire is used to create the beautiful variety of finishes available. With the daily use, the finish may change into more beautiful and realistic patinas as the copper is a fantastic material that shows a multitude of colorful effects as a reaction of its contact with different materials, just like the sun paints itself in a sunset.
  • e) Environment friendly. Copper sinks are made of recycled copper; therefore they contribute to the adequate use of copper scrap. Waste of copper cables and copper used in cell phones, electronics, motors, machines, etc is used to make our beautiful copper sinks. And the copper sinks can be recycled also once they finish their lifetime as the copper has the ability to endlessly recycle and is a valuable and expensive material. Also, by being antibacterial and antimicrobial the household will use less chemicals to clean the copper sinks. These facts make our copper sinks environment friendly.

These are some of the reasons that make our copper sinks stand above all other copper sinks in the market and that position copper sinks as the best sinks for your kitchen.

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