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Our outsourcing and procurement service is a very easy and flexible one. We will provide in this page a brief step by step process of how this service works:

  • a) You request a quote, receive it and approve it.
  • b) You hire our services. In order to do this you need to sign our terms and conditions (link), credit application form (link) (note that credit terms are offered only in the transportation and distribution services) and provide all your company information.
  • c) Once you are set up as a customer we have to set up your copper sink line. We can either find copper sinks for you, or we can source the actual copper sinks you carry.
  • d) If we will source the actual copper sinks you carry you can send us pictures with dimensions and samples of finishes or you can send us actual samples. We will make samples and provide samples to you for approval at a cost. Once approved we will include the copper sinks in your product database.
  • e) If we will find copper sinks for you we will send you pictures and prices for the different copper sinks our vendors are able to produce for you. As the copper sinks assortment could reach hundreds, it will be best if you give us ideas, styles and categories of the copper sinks you would like us to find for you. We can also design and develop copper sinks exclusively for you. We have a team of designers and artists that will gladly design for you.
  • f) In order to set up your copper sink line, we will make an excel database with all your copper sink information such as weights, dimensions, costs, vendors, pictures, finishes, etc.
  • g) We will then set up a document named Quality Guidelines. You will provide us with all quality guidelines you require us to follow. This quality guide sheet could be adjusted to reflect the real possibilities of achieving your requirements. At this point if we can not meet the quality requirements you need you will be free to move to a different company. We can not promise what we will not be able to achieve. Once finalized you will be sent the final document and sign of approval.
  • h) With the copper sink line database and quality guide ready you will be able to start placing orders.
  • i) To place an order you can send it in any format you want, either by fax, email or verbal. We will then send you confirmation of the order which you will have to sign and fax or send back.
  • j) Once the order is confirmed with delivery dates and prices you have to send a 50% of the order. This payment goes to the vendor as they require a deposit in order to finance production.
  • k) During production we will strictly follow your quality guidelines. At the first order, there will be an adjustment process. It may also continue with less intensity for the first two or three orders. This process is needed so the vendor will adjust and adapt to the quality needs you require. We may have to adjust the quality guidelines at this point.
  • l) Once the order is about to finish we will request from you the balance payment of the order along with our commission.
  • m) Once paid, we will pick up the order in the factory in Santa Clara del Cobre, through our sister company Space Logistics. Regularly we take all orders to our warehouse in Guadalajara, Jalisco where we pack or palletize depending on your needs. And we ship them in any of our three trucks a week to Laredo, TX (note: shipping charges are paid separately from the sourcing and procurement service).
  • n) Space Logistics will process customs, shipping and deliver to your door once transportation service is paid, or with an open credit line if proper credit documentation is filled and credit approved.

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